Lacay – My Favorite Animal Is A Tiger

My Favorite Animal Is A Tiger

Genre: Instrumental

I know next to nothing about Lacay, but one thing that I’ve learned about him after listening to his album is that his favorite animal is a tiger. That, and he makes roomy, catchy instrumentals. The vocal samples are great he keeps his percussion tight, just the way I like it. Lacay is very good at finding one or two measure snippets that are super catchy when repeated and dropped over some drums; these types of songs are definitely my favorites from the album. It’s really hard to do this effectively, but this is where Lacay shines. Lots of hard work and hours went into this album, and it shows. Best of all, it’s free on bandcamp, so now you really have no excuse not to get it.

01 | The Turn Around
02 | AIKA 愛佳
03 | Tiger Style
04 | The Ram
05 | 40 Days to Long
06 | Girl
07 | Woman
08 | Interlude
09 | The Lion
10 | A Game of Chess
11 | Cambodia
12 | Money Be Green
13 | Boogie Town
14 | Something to Travel With
15 | Darko Over

Download (Bandcamp – Free)


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