CunninLynguists – A Piece Of Strange

A Piece Of Strange

Genre: Hip-Hop

CunninLynguists’ producer, Kno, is the man. You will not find one boring beat on this album, and his mastery of beatsmithing is pronounced on A Piece Of Strange. These guys have gone on tour/worked with a lot of well-recognized artists (Jay-Z, PUTS, Wu-Tang, Cee-Lo, Immortal Technique) which is a little surprising, given their relative obscurity.

The production is what makes this album for me. Don’t get me wrong, Deacon and Natti have some insightful verses, but I keep coming back to CunninLynguists because of Kno’s ability to put together a great story within a beat. I would love to hear Cise Starr rap over a coule of Kno beats. That would be one hell of an album.

01 | Where Will You Be?
02 | Since When
03 | Nothing To Give
04 | Caved In
05 | Hourglass
06 | Beautiful Girl
07 | Inhale (Interlude)
08 | Brain Cell
09 | America Loves Gangsters (ft. Tim Means)
10 | Never Know Why (ft. Immortal Technique)
11 | The Gates (ft. Tonedeff)
12 | Damnation (Interlude)
13 | Hellfire
14 | Remember Me (Abstract/Reality)
15 | What’ll You Do?
16 | The Light (ft. Club Dub)

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