Ljones – Soul Below

Soul Below

Genre: Jazz-Hop/Instrumental

Yes. Just when I thought I might be getting bored of music…this album kicked me in the face. It. Is. Unreal. I seldom pay for music, but the quality of this album is amazing; so much so that it actually pained me to realize that Ljones was providing it on bandcamp for free. What to expect: the jazziest of samples, intricate mixing and percussion work, an unforgettable conversation from “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a remix of Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”, and a whole lot of soul for good measure.  Ljones’ style covers everything from Michita to Nujabes to, dare I say, the revered J Dilla. I could actually go on for days about this album…please do us both a favor and download it (for free! legally!).

01 | Introductions
02 | ArtOfficial Strawberries
03 | Mango Kimono
04 | Feelings, mutual
05 | Jazz Technician
06 | Autumn Groove
07 | Soul Below
08 | Cruising Blue
09 | July
10 | Always Find You
11 | Nakanaide
12 | To the grove
13 | It ain’t hard to tell (LJ RMX)

Download (Bandcamp – Free)

Cult Classic Records – Friends & Family

Friends & Family
Cult Classic Records

Genre: Instrumental/Trip-Hop

Credits go to “rav” for bringing this new album to my attention. Mastered by K-Murdock (Panacea’s producer), this album is a collaboration of some of the most talented underground producers currently on the scene. Bob42jh is also involved somehow, although it’s not quite clear what his role was in the compilation.

This album introduced me to the work of TwoDaysToAlaska and Ljones, two artists I had never heard of before but whose songs inspired me to dig into the (electronic) crates. Props to Ljones for the Bruce Lee quote as well. Much of the album seems asian-instrument-inspired; a soundset that I generally tend to shy away from. The artists mix catchy and creative samples transforming the melodies of the overused and kind of annoying asian instruments into interesting new songs. Definitely not another one of your average instrumental compilations. Looking forward to more releases from this young label.

01 | TwoDaysToAlaska – Per Sempre
02 | Ljones – Waterflo
03 | Blazo – Busy Dreaming
04 | Thomas Prime – Hunting for Dragons
05 | Natural High – Spaceman
06 | Rookie – Azure
07 | Marcus D – A Dream Deferred
08 | Eddie – 晚10点 (10pm)
09 | LEMS – Footsteps
10 | Thomas Prime & Avens – Forgiveness
11 | Kondor – Soft Look
12 | Nym – Dry Sun
13 | Suplington – Lack of Definition
14 | Berry Weight – Sax on the Beach
15 | K-Murdock – Love is Love

Download (Bandcamp – Free)