Max Graef – Rivers of the Red Planet

max graef-rivers of the red planet

Rivers of the Red Planet
Max Graef

Genre: Electro-Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop
1 Minute Read

Rivers of the Red Planet is a beautifully crafted soundscape that draws heavily from all of the right sources. Jazz, hip-hop, and house influences  are prominently featured, and give the album its rhythmic pace and sultry style.

Every single song on this album contributes to the character of the work as a whole, which Graef masterfully suggests and complements with the beautiful cover artwork. He manages to evoke emotion with songs like “Running” and “Jane” while keeping you in the head-nodding groove of jams such as “Drums of Death” and “Vino Rosetto” which are irresistibly funky and infectious.

This album is an absolute gem and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Enjoy!

01 | Intro
02 | Itzehoe
03 | Superswiss (Skit)
04 | Running (ft. Wayne Snow)
05 | Jazz 104
06 | Tamboule Fudgemunk
07 | Quackeljochen
08 | Ohne Erdung
09 | Mullholand Drive
10 | Drums Of Death (ft. Labuzinski)
11 | Vino Rosetto (Album Mix) [ft. Labuzinski]
12 | Speed Metal Jesus
13 | Büchsenöffner
14 | Jane (ft. Wayne Snow)
15 | Medley Of The Drifter
16 | Outro

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