Lorn – Ask the Dust

lorn - ask the dust

Ask The Dust

Genre: Dark Electronic, Future Hip-Hop
2 Minute Read

Ask The Dust (Ninja Tune, 2012) is Lorn’s sophomore album. It is much less rigid and conventional than his first album, Nothing Else (Brainfeeder, 2010). Wiping his work clean of overt reggae and trap influences, he favors a more neutral, electronic sound this time around.

As the artwork suggests, Ask The Dust is a dark and fractured blend of sinister and murky tones, held together in a loosely coherent fashion. The percussion forms the skeleton of the album, giving the floating, experimental soundscape a much-needed backbone. It also acts as the veins of the music, pumping blood and energy into the guttural and often lazy melodies.

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Various Artists – Amores Perros

Amores Perros Soundtrack
Various Artists

Genre: Soundtrack/Eclectic
3 Minute Read

Have you ever watched a movie that really just gets it?

For me, a great movie carries me away from reality and into the mind of the protagonist much like I might slip into an old pair of jeans, comfortably and without thought, the jeans allowing me to walk until I hardly even notice the fabric against my skin. Yet it has those distinct features that remind me why they are my favorite jeans in the first place. I stop to admire the beautiful dye, the ample pocket space, and the narrow taper of the pant legs. The soundtrack of a movie lets you know that a human designed the scenes just for you, and good, thoughtful taste answers that inevitable, nagging question: am I going to like this movie? Yes, the good soundtrack asserts. Rest easy friend, you are in good hands.

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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

daftpunk-random access memories

Random Access Memories
Daft Punk

Genre: Electronic/Da Funk

I’m disappointed with Random Access Memories. Not because it lacks anything music-wise; the composition, production, and arrangement on display within the album is masterful. I’m disappointed because Daft Punk promised me a party, but forgot to send me an invitation. The album looks inwards, celebrating the past and itself, leaving me gawking from the outside and longing for a way in. I probably wouldn’t be disappointed if it weren’t for Homework and Discovery, two albums that brought me along for an incredibly funky ride. RAM is musically sound, but it lacks direction and soul. Continue reading